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We’re excited to announce today that YouthBuild Philly is one of 25 organizations in a national contest to win anywhere from $125,000 to $1,000,000 (yes, that’s one million dollars!) through the American Giving Awards program presented by Chase.   The winners will be decided through online voting, starting November 27th and ending December 4th.  Winning organizations will be announced at a nationally televised awards ceremony on December 8th.

We are the only program representing Philadelphia in this competition, and the only YouthBuild program.  We’re so proud to represent both communities to a national audience.   Contest-wide, we’re only up against 24 other organizations to win $1,000,000.  The competition for the 5th-place $125,000 prize is just four other organizations doing work in Youth Development.  We have a real shot at this – but we need your help! 

Can we count on you to click for YouthBuild Philly on Tuesday, November 27th? RSVP to this event on Facebook to receive a reminder when voting starts.

The most important thing you can do is vote on November 27th.  You’ll be able to vote here:

Next, please get all your friends, family, and colleagues involved. Here’s a list of tips to help us win:

1. MAKE THE CASE. Share links to compelling video and links about YouthBuild and ask them to vote:

2. CREATE VISIBILITY. Help us build a buzz.

  • Add a short message to your listserv
  • Post a link on your organization’s website to our voting page:
  • Add a line to your signature (VOTE for YouthBuild to win Chase Community Giving on Facebook:

3. SPREAD THE WORD. Share the RSVP and voting link with everyone you know.  Need guidance or inspiration? Use our templates!

  • Send out a mass email
  • Post to your Facebook wall
  • Tweet on Twitter

4. MAKE IT PERSONAL. As much as possible, make personal asks to your friends, family contacts.

  • Customize template email, then copy and paste into individual emails
  • Send individual Facebook messages
  • Use Facebook chat – ask friends to vote while they’re on Facebook!
  • Post on your friends’ walls
  • Ask in person (pick up the phone!)

5. SAY THANK YOU. Acknowledge your friends when they vote.

  • Make sure to “Like” status updates when a friends shares a voting-related link
  • Post a thank you on your wall

6. WHEN IN DOUBT, GO TO FACEBOOK. All of the essential and latest information will be on YouthBuild’s Facebook Page.

  • Click “Share” on a video posted on our page
  • Click “Share” the link to vote
  • Invite friends to the “Vote for YouthBuild Philly event.

Questions? Contact Sarah Peterson at


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