By | Published On: June 28th, 2017 |

After months of preparation, four YouthBuild students pass the Carpenters Union test!

Daven, Isaiah, Anthony, and Nicole all were a part of a select group of YouthBuild students who were enrolled in a carpentry math class that met twice a month on Saturday’s to prepare for the test. Isaiah and Nicole were part of the Greenbuild track, Daven was in the Building & Deconstruction track, and Anthony Advanced Construction. Each of these amazing young people already have between 3 and 5 opportunities to consider once they graduate.

When asked what this accomplishment means to them and what they learned from this accomplishment, they each had this to say:


Daven – “This accomplishment is the beginning of the good life. It taught me not to doubt myself, to know what I want to do, and be resilient”


Isaiah – “This accomplishment means everything. It’s going to lead to a career, not just a job. It taught me patience and perseverance because it took a while.”


Anthony – “This means that I have accomplished one of my goals. I finally have a career that I can build to help my family and community”

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