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The following “somatic poems” were written by students in YouthBuild Philly’s Page 2 Stage club:

Feltonville Relaxed
by Genesis Maria

Trees outside in the chill
White halls and bright lights
But why
I just walked away
I’m here again
School Overwhelming
by Callieah Ferguson

Paragraph after paragraph
Essay after essay
Lord knows I
Can’t wait until I accomplish all these
A paraphrase. One more direct quote.
Martin Luther King once had a dream.
Putting Feminist in my own words.
Lord only knows how many paragraphs
I have left to go…
Paragraphs after paragraphs.
Thanks Ms. Sandra!
Germantown Calm
by Tahera Johnson

My mind wanders back to mental toughness
I was tough enough.
Knowing I was able to make it, I didn’t quit.
The memories of it won’t exit my mind
I remember when saying hi to strangers wasn’t this easy
The experiences I had were truly worth my time

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