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More than 1000 (1022 to be exact) 18-20 year old youth, disconnected from their education, applied to YB Philly for the 2018 school year. 498 applicants were invited to join us for our annual Student Mental Toughness Training (MTT) that ran from August 23rd-August 30th.

MTT is a 6-day workshop series that constitutes the final step in the YouthBuild admissions process. Applicants are expected to show up on time every day and participate in the workshops, which provide an overview of YouthBuild’s climate, culture, and program and address important professional and life skills needed for success.

On Day 1, 368 applicants showed up for MTT. The first day of MTT was exciting for both staff and students. Every day, students were greeted by YB Philly staff in the hallways with welcoming cheers, high fives, good music and snacks.

Each day of MTT, Director of Student Life, Ameen Akbar, lead a #villagemeeting that functioned as a time of reflection to set the tone for a successful day. On Days 1 and 2: He urged applicants to reflect on WHY they chose YouthBuild and WHAT Mental Toughness meant to them.


Day 3: Applicants attended the Class of 2017’s Commencement Ceremony, which served as a source of motivation for many of them.

Days 4 and 5: We focused on how to end MTT off strong!


Day 6: The final day of MTT applicants marched down Broad St. to 13th and Race in celebration of their decision to RECLAIM their education. Applicants shouted positive chants and carried signs stating “Let’s Get Educated.”  



The March concluded with a ceremony at the Hampton Inn (13th and Race), in which 228 applicants were officially enrolled into the Class of 2018! *BEST MOMENT EVER!* The new Class of 2018 was excited to say the least.

[wpvideo UYSjW5VS]

Popular local motivational speaker, Wallo 267, encouraged the students to always believe in themselves and to take charge of their future.


BIG Congrats to the Class of 2018 for getting through Mental Toughness Training! The best is yet to come.

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