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Interested in volunteering at YouthBuild? Let us know!

What made you decide to volunteer at YouthBuild?

After hearing about YouthBuild from my good friend Marty Brigham and attending one of the graduations a few years ago, I was hoping to be able to get involved with this program knowing it’s accomplishments helping students who are trying again to succeed.

What is a take away you’ve had so far?

I love the optimism of the students, their perseverance, their commitment to their values of making a difference, their awareness of their ability to make a difference, their open-ness to learning and growth, and their self-confidence.

What’s a notable moment you’ve had with a student?

I was working with a student who had written a statement about helping children achieve their dream by establishing a safe environment. I was so moved by her powerful statement that the student was concerned about me!

Share a little bit about what you do outside of YouthBuild.

I am a recently retired geologist who worked for the state of New Jersey. I’ve lived in Philly since 1975 so I value this opportunity to get involved in my city again.

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