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Get to know Tymere Carter-Burns (‘18), GreenBuild track student.

Tymere is a 19 year old West Philadelphia native, who has become part of the YouthBuild family in more ways than one. Learn more about his journey and why YouthBuild has become his second family.

What brought you to YouthBuild?

My sisters. All of my sisters attended YouthBuild, and I attended their graduations. Going to their graduations made me feel happy and I looked forward to being in the same place. I wanted to be a graduate with a trade.

(Five of Tymere’s sisters attended YouthBuild in the graduating classes of 2005, 2007, 2011, and 2012 (2)).

Hearing about my sisters’ experience really made me want to come to YouthBuild. They all had good experiences. YouthBuild has really become part of the family.


Tymere Carter-Burns with two of his siblings at YouthBuild Philly.

What has your YouthBuild experience been like thus far?

My experience has been “litty”. I wake up looking forward to coming to school. Even if there’s drama in my life, YouthBuild brings a positive energy. It’s the little things. They bring you up when you’re feeling down. When you’re absent they check on you to make sure you’re good. Everyone has a good vibe, and I don’t have to worry about drama.

What advice did you receive from your sisters on how to navigate your YouthBuild experience?

  • “Go after all of the opportunities that YouthBuild provides.”
  • “Don’t be shy, and ask questions if you don’t know the answer.”
  • “The case managers are in your corner, you can trust them.”

Overall, my sisters showed me the ropes and prepared me for YouthBuild.

Tell me a little about your experience on the GreenBuild track.

We have fun and we’ve grown a bond. I have been learning a lot and gaining a lot of construction experience. Right now, we are building a training center for future Building Trade classes to come.

What has been your favorite GreenBuild activity so far?

Our trip to the GreenBuild International Conference and Expo in Boston has been by favorite trip so far. We had a chance to network with companies and staff/students from other YouthBuild programs across the country. It was my first time in Boston, and GreenBuild had a chance to bond.


Tymere and GreenBuild peers at the GreenBuild International Conference & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts.

What are your future goals?

My future goal is to graduate YouthBuild with a trade that will allow me to be the best family man and father that I can be.

What is your favorite thing about YouthBuild?

The love that they show. One morning, I was mad leaving the house. I was still mad when I got to Ms. Jody’s class, and I brought my attitude to class. I started being mean. Ms. Jody treated me nice regardless of my attitude. I noticed this, and it led me to apologize and share what was making my day rough. This makes me appreciate YouthBuild.

Do you have any shout outs?


  • Mr. George- My GreenBuild instructor. He really is working hard to get me where I need to go. He’s getting me ready for the working world.
  • Mr. David- My mentor. He really helps me get my academics on track.
  • Ms. Rebekah- Math is my favorite subject and she is my favorite math teacher.

What motivates you on your YouthBuild journey?

My family, my three year old daughter Symera, and my education which will help me to support my family.


Tymere planting a tree at TD Bank’s Tree Day in Kensington.

What are some core  family values/lessons that you will always carry with you?

My father and mother have both passed away. They always instilled strong family values in me and my siblings. We learned that you should take up for your family always. If no one loves you, at least your family will love you. Family is so important. Family is everything to me.

That’s why I love YouthBuild. I feel like I’m at home, like I’m with my second family.





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