By | Published On: September 17th, 2015 |

August is always a busy month at YouthBuild Philly, and this year was no exception.  While the Class of 2015 finished their last diploma requirements and got ready for graduation, applicants for the Class of 2016 embarked on Mental Toughness Training, a 6-day workshop series that constitutes the final step in the YouthBuild admissions process.  Applicants are expected to show up on time every day and participate in the workshops, which provide an overview of YouthBuild’s climate, culture, and program and address important professional and life skills needed for success.

Although the transition back into the classroom can be jarring, many applicants are inspired by the high stakes of what YouthBuild has to offer and rise to the occasion.  For example, many applicants show up early to ensure that they’re on time, resulting in long lines outside of the school each morning.

On the final day, applicants who have successfully completed Mental Toughness “march” down the sidewalks of Broad Street to an acceptance ceremony in Center City.  Along the way, they carry signs that they’ve made to express their determination and their reasons for going back to school.

We’ve curated some of our favorite signs from this year’s to decorate our hallways, but we wanted to share them with you, too.  Click through the gallery below to start getting to know our Class of 2016!

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