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…The people in Parismina. I learned a lot about the Costa Rican culture, and how they care for their environment. They gave me a different point of view about life. I’m grateful for them taking our group in as one of their own.”
– Eben Purcell


…The night sky. Sitting on the beach at night, and looking up at the stars left my eyes popping out of my head and it left me speechless. The sky is so big and the stars are so beautiful; they’re everywhere. In Philadelphia we have so many buildings blocking the view, but the beach has nothing but sand and water. I am grateful for that view.”
– Latara Vazquez

…This trip. I get to lay in a hammock by the beach. It is less dangerous than Philly. I get to walk barefoot on the island. I had different kinds of food and snacks. Also, I can go fishing and crabbing. I’m grateful for this trip.”
– Steven Turner


…Everything I have. Now I know what it means to be thankful for hot water, shoes, winter, spring, summer, and fall. This is a whole new life for me to see. I am so grateful for everything I have back at home.”
– Demetrius Wilson


…The wonderful staff members. Without them I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now. Ms. Ali reminds me that things like this don’t happen every day, and when you get this kind of opportunity take advantage of it because when it’s over you’re going to miss it. I’m grateful to be on this trip because growing up I never had anything.”

– Sharon Parker


…My life. Costa Rica showed me to love and appreciate things I never thought about. I’m so glad I got to go on this trip because it opened my eyes to a number of things. I’m grateful that Costa Rica opened my eyes to love myself and the things around me.”
– Chapale Pierce


Last week, 20 students and seven staff returned from the travel experience of a lifetime in Costa Rica. The team worked in the small beach town of Parismina to help rescue an endangered sea turtle population. The students participated in nightly beach patrols, debris and driftwood clean-up projects, and cultural exchange activities with local residents.

See more photos of the trip on our Facebook and Flickr pages.


  1. jamar logan August 18, 2010 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    OMG…i am so jelous…however it is so wonderful to see that Y.B. PHILLY is still representing real B.I.G…and taking things to a whole nother level. This makes me proud of the entire YoutBuild family and even prouder to be able to call myself a part of it. God bless u all!!!

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